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Solutions that help government agencies make, manage, mobilize, and measure the information and experiences needed to achieve their missions

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In this one-of-a-kind Executive Seminar Series, brought to you by FedInsider and Adobe, we’ll examine how agencies are using powerful digital solutions to transform the way employees, soldiers, and citizens engage with ideas and information.

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March 26Streamlining Benefits Enrollment and Services Selection to Save Time and Costs

Enrollment processes are required for a variety of government services. See how other agencies efficiently create, support, and manage communications to and from users—across multiple online channels—that effectively engage and serve citizens, troops, and agency personnel. Understand how process efficiency and automation can help decrease your overall costs.

April 2Delivering More Engaging Communications to Citizens Across Devices and Platforms

Today's citizens expect engaging content on the devices they choose to use, so why not turn this expectation into a benefit for your agency? Learn more about how agencies are improving productivity and reducing support costs by engaging citizens electronically. See how to make, manage, and mobilize innovative content, as well as measure the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns.

April 16Improving Agency Processes and Workflows—Thinking Paperless

By streamlining business processes and existing workflows, organizations can become more efficient. See how reducing paper and embracing smart devices has delivered greater performance, agility, efficiency, security, and cost savings to agencies of all sizes.

April 30Using Social Knowledge Management to Foster Online Communities and Engagement

Is your agency employees and constituents experiencing "content overload?" The answer is yes if massive amounts of data, information and siloed systems make it difficult to find needed information. Learn how other agencies are creating unique, innovative and engaging social experiences—by breaking down content management barriers and taking advantage of social technologies and digital asset-management capabilities.

May 14Protecting Content Wherever it Goes

Security is a top priority. With the increase in both mobile devices and security breaches, your agency must work harder to prevent data theft while integrating advances, such as digital signatures, into standard processes. Learn how other agencies are securing and authenticating digital assets at the content level, wherever those assets may travel.

May 28Developing Insights from User Analytics: Identify, Monitor, and Analyze Trends

Analytics can help your agency better understand user activity, as well as uncover patterns that can save money—or even a life. From social analytics to monitoring business processes, understand how your agency can leverage data to identify, monitor, and analyze user behavior. Then from your measurement, derive and develop key agency business, mission, and operational insights.

June 11Beyond Digitizing Content: Optimizing Technical Communications and Publications

Digitized paper documents were just the beginning. Today's advanced end users want engaging, easily searchable content from your agency that is optimized for their devices. Understand how other agencies are optimizing technical publications, experiencing streamlined processes, and reducing cycle time. Take document design a step further—determine how effective your content is, using that information to make adjustments that better serve your end users.

Select a title to view more informationTechnical Webinar Series

The technical webinar series walks the technology professional and business user through Adobe products that might be new or under-utilized within your agency. This will show the technology pro the benefits and ease of standardizing on the latest versions, for meeting security and mobility demands.  For the business user, you will learn tips, tricks, and new features that will save time and make your job easier.  Attend one, or attend them all.

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March 28Mobile with LiveCycle and Adobe Experience Manager

With mobile devices outselling PCs and many government agencies allowing workers to use their personal smart devices for work, there is a pressing need for agencies to provide mobile experiences to end users. Organizations can benefit from the productivity increase that mobile provides. Learn how the mobile functionality of Adobe LiveCycle and Adobe Experience Manager can help you address citizen expectations and streamline internal agency processes.

April 10Introducing Adobe Experience Manager 5.6 for Government

Powering Adobe Experience Manager is Adobe CQ, a recognized industry leader in web experience management. Find out how Adobe Experience Manager can help your organization drive engagement by delivering targeted, contextually relevant experiences, optimized for web, mobile, and social media, converting visitors to buyers and accelerating business growth.

April 18Better Forms and Processes with Adobe Acrobat® and LiveCycle®

Forms are an integral part of agency processes, and Adobe has solutions that scale to whatever size your agency requires. Learn how to create more secure, small workgroup forms that look like paper forms and are accessible on desktops and mobile devices with Adobe Acrobat. If your agency is handling thousands of forms, learn how Adobe Enterprise LiveCycle can meet your needs, from beginning to end.

May 16Protecting Documents Outside the Firewall with Adobe Acrobat and LiveCycle

Information security is consistently the top concern for many agencies. Learn how the combination of Acrobat and LiveCycle can provide your agency the ability to safeguard content throughout its lifecycle, while handling digital signatures, permission control, and the ability to manage content access, on desktops as well as on mobile devices.

May 30Adobe Insight: Do more with Multichannel User Analytics

An ever-increasing amount of data coupled with the power of analytics helps agencies unlock the meaning behind data. Learn more about how Adobe Insight allows you to analyze large volumes of varying types of data, in real-time, in order to identify correlations, and complete patterns of user behavior that can be used for predictive or operational analysis.